the activities of the united nation model

For twenty years more and more international schools around the world participate and organize conferences called "Model United Nations" conferences bringing together an average of 300-500 students from all countries around the globe. They consist of a great role play game that reproduces diplomatic activities taking place within the UN such as the Secretariat General Assembly, the commissions, the Security Council and all roles from the General Secretary, the President of the General Assembly to the security guard and the journalists are held by students. Most of these conferences are in English but some are also in French.


Oasis International School has participated since 2006 in these conferences both in Egypt and abroad. Our students are becoming increasingly interested in this kind of activities. Our own conference of this type, OISMUN was inaugurated in 2008 and constitutes a great success to the point that we can say that we have implemented in the school a strong culture of the United Nations models.


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