The MYP Library of Oasis International School is a place of relaxation and work where the students conduct research, read quietly, finalize or revise their homework. The MYP Library is open from 8:00 am to 3:15 pm and welcomes the teachers  and the students from PEI as well as Diploma. The Library is open to students during breaks and free time.


The MYP Library content is rich and varied, we can find:


Newspapers and magazines,to be informed of the news in French, English and Arabic.


Documentary and fiction books:  more than 24000 titles.


A multi-media space that shares these resources as well as the BCDI software which is a search engine installed on all computers and which allows users (students and teachers) to easily find the documents available at the MYP Library and necessary for their work.


Courses on the methodology of documentary research are provided to C1 and C2 students to teach them how to efficiently use all these resources.


Every year, the MYP Library is enriched by a selection of documents depending on the teachers and students needs; according to the subjects taught and regarding the chosen themes for personal projects and memories.


The Library for the primary and kindergarten programs is provided with the same resources. Specialized areas for addressing young audience were created like “the Garden of books” and that dedicated to “the Reading Club” animated by teachers and librarians