55 Oasis Graduates celebrated on Friday, 7th of July 2018, their success in obtaining the International Baccalaureate Diploma during the Graduation Ceremony, held at the Oasis International School


On July 7th, nearly 165,752 IB students worldwide have received the results of  the May 2018 exams session for both the Diploma Programme and the Professional Orientation Programme (POP). Among them are 55 Oasis International school students, now graduates


We are very proud of the success of all our IB students. Their hard work over the past two years has allowed them to reach a level of excellence. We are exceptionally proud of Youssef Sarofim and David Ashraf who obtained the remarkable score of 42/45 (99.7%). they obtained a 7/7 for subjects including Physics Higher Level, Math Higher Level, Economics Standard and Higher Levels and Chemistry Standard Level.  


But that's not all, they remarkable score is closely followed by Rita Abdel Messih.and Omar Nabil with 39/45 (98.7%)and Youssef Sharaf, Salma Abou Hashish, Nouran Shehab and Lobna El Haraky with 37/45 (97.4%).


In summary:

  • 29% of our students have obtained scores between 44/45 (99,7%) and 35/45 (95.55%),
  • 26% of our students had scores between 34/45 (94.45%) and 31/45 (90.25%),
  • 38% of our students are between 30/45 (88.55%) and 26/45 (80.4%),
  • 7%of our students scored between 25/45 (78.1%) and 24/45 (75.7%).


They now join the 588 Oasis Alumni who have been admitted in the most prestigious universities both in Egypt and abroad. They are also now part of the community that exceeds 1 700 000 IB graduates in 152 countries.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma is recognized worldwide for its sternness. It is one of the best preparation for University level studies and is proven so by an independent research.


We send them all our congratulations and wish them a successful future.