Extra-academics activities

The Oasis International School offers a varied range of extra-curricular activities to meet everyone's desires in the following fields: arts (visual arts, theater, music and singing), sport, science and scouting. .


As you may know, we started doing the activities for our fellow students during the break time since last year. Our goals from doing activities were to make students get the maximum benefit from their break time and allow them to explore various interests that they may have. This year we have started planning for the activities by taking the students’ suggestions and recommendations about how to make the activities better.based on that, we have modified our activities list to fit their different personalities. This year we have 19 different activities covering all students’ interests in different fields such as Arts (visual arts, theater, embroidery, origami, graffiti, mosaic), crafts activities (carpentry and leather work) Sports activities (baseball, basketball, football, crossfit, dodge ball, fighter fit, judo, ping pong, volley ball, zumba) & scientific activity (robotics).


These activities are an important component for the development and growth of the child. They offer the ability to access various forms of education quality. Children can build their personality, develop their skills, their talent, imagination and creativity through these workshops. They complement academic learning.