English model of the arab league

The models are similar in organization and format to the Model United Nations. An important difference between the two is that the MAL focuses only on the 22 member states that make up the League of Arab States. Founded in February 1945, and therefore predating the United Nations founding, the Arab League is the oldest regional political organization in the world dedicated, among others, to the diplomatic and peaceful resolution of conflicts among its members.


The MAL activities provide an opportunity for its participants to develop leadership skills and to master the Arabic classic language. The Oasis International School has decided since 2013 to embark on the adventure of the Arab League Models by organizing its first conference OISMAL. This conference, like any other conference that followed, has been very successful with our students since it allowed them to express themselves in the mother tongue of the majority of them and thus progress in acquiring this language. OISMAL functions on the same principle of the MUN conference.