Our activities for the year 2018-2019

Arab League


For the seventh consecutive year, the Oasis International School organized the Arab League Model 6-7 April 2019. This model, which has gathered 120 students, is still the first in the world organized on the level of schools in Arabic language. During these 2 days, students were divided into 5 committees:

· Summit Council: "Foreign interventions in the internal affairs of the Arab States"

· Council of Arab Foreign Ministers: "The Yemen Crisis"

· Council of Arab Interior Ministers: "Fighting Maritime Crimes"

· Arab Council of Ministers of Justice: "Trafficking in human beings"

· Economic and Social Council: "Free Trade Area in the Arab World"

It also remains to mention that the closing ceremony took place in the building of the Arab League at El Tahrir Square.



As part of the interdisciplinary unit, C3 students presented their designs for their ecological compound and sold the different habitats they imagined.
The objective of this event is to allow the child to demonstrate the gained ATL, business, and sustainable design skills they have acquired in Term 2's Design and English's interdisciplinary unit "Eco-friendly compound".



For several years now, Oasis School has given great care and made it a policy to place the TOK at the core of the Diploma Program.

Beyond developing the learner profile qualities, embodying interdisciplinarity and international awareness, the TOK aims to allow each student to develop a personal mentality which is coherent, justified and open to any opposing arguments.

However, in order to bring the students to reflect on their own, the TOK must propose various pedagogical approaches and activities, as well as educational differentiation which allow students to build their own course.

At school, the TOK adds a dimension to the student/teacher relationship as they are solicited to indirectly discuss points of the program, but more generally the details of their discipline and their personal relationship to it.

It also creates emulation at the heart of the pedagogical team of the diploma program, who participates with great interest in the activities proposed by the TOK team.

This team consists of teachers from different disciplines such as mathematics, literature, natural sciences and history, as well as coordinators who ensure the consistency of progression and the optimization of each person’s skills with regard to the fields of knowledge and methodologies.

This organization must allow students to benefit from the same contributions when the entire D1 class holds their TOK at the school theatre, but also to practice other group activities in classrooms, after consulting the teachers’ team.

The verbal test is organized at the end of D1.

Following a few methodological activities, the academic year of D2 mainly consists of an individual follow up of each student with a supervisor to write their essay.

Les Oasissiens ... Our Ambassadors of Education



On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Oasis School Group, we have set up our first session of a series entitled "Les Oasissiens ... Our Ambassadors of Education".
Five of our most outstanding graduates, who have completed their university studies and occupy positions in different fields, visited our offices to speak with the MYP and DP students.
They talked about their current works and the path they had to take to get there by focusing on the role of the IB in each of their stories and the advice they wanted to communicate to students.
The session ended with an interactive part where students were able to ask questions.
Following the success of this first experience and the positive dynamic that has occurred between our graduates and our current students, a second session will take place on Tuesday, March 19th. We will keep you informed with more information.

Chinese new year

KG1 students showed were open minded while discovering China and its traditions.
Indeed, we made a parade for the Chinese New Year! For some, students made masks and lanterns to dance with the tambourines in front of the other kindergarten students.
What a beautiful sight!

Talent Show


The students of P3 participated in a talent show.
They chose what they liked and expressed their feelings in different forms.
Some danced and sang, others performed magic tricks and gymnastics.
Some of them showed their paintings and gave speeches about the topic of their preference, in this way differentiation was implemented in its best form.


C1 students had an amazing trip to Sharm el Sheikh for four days from the 3rd till the 6th of December! Students built their IB learner profile and ATL skills through various activities.
They built collaborative, communicative, thinking, and caring skills through the team activities on the first day, and risk-taking, reflective, knowledgeable, balanced, caring, and principled traits the 2nd day through an exciting day at Ras Mohamed.
The 3rd day students became super risk takers through fun water and camp activities! They topped it off with evening shopping and reflection almost every night with their instructors.

Adventure Learning


The students of C3 spent unforgettable moments from 22 to 28 November in Morocco.
They developed their skills of team spirit, communication, adaptation and flexibility, leadership and self-confidence ... Without forgetting that they participated in a first aid session.

the opening ceremony of the 14th meeting of the United Nations

Saturday 17/11/2018

a group of PYP, MYP and DP students participated in the opening ceremony of the 14th meeting of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity held in Sharm El Sheikh as part of the COP 14.
In front of an audience of more than 4000 people composed of ministers, government officials, environmental experts and representatives of the civil society, from 196 countries. and in the presence of the President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sissi and Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Egyptian Minister of Environment, our students delivered in three languages a strong message on the importance of protecting biodiversity for the future generations.
Their performance, mixing dance, theater and singing was highly appreciated: in order to thank them, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, the Egyptian Minister of Environment invited them on Saturday evening to present them with a Certificate of Appreciation and talk with them.
This experience went well beyond performance. Indeed, this preparation required from all students rigor, will, responsibility and self-control. But that's not all, because for several days, these 31 students who did not necessarily know each other at the beginning since coming from all different levels, worked together.
They have overcome all the difficulties of this preparation, they have been cooperative, they have cared for each other, and they have created a true spirit of mutual aid, encouragement and friendship. In short, a very beautiful adventure, accompanied by Mrs. Rouba Zeidan, theater teacher, Mr. Fouad El Chehab, music teacher and Mrs. Marwa Hamed, dance teacher.
A big thank you to them and all the team behind the preparation of this event and a very big congratulations to our students.



This year we had the privilege of organizing the 11th Model Nations Conference of Oasis International School (OISMUN) from 27 to 30 October 2018.
More than 400 students attended this year's conference. The theme of this conference was "Aspiring for Global Stability through International Cooperation, Empowerment and Innovation".
This year, delegates had the chance to participate in 9 committees, 6 of our committees were held in English: Security Council, Human Rights Council, General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, United Nations Office on Drug and Crime and the International Court of Justice and 3 in French which are: the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs.
The situation in the China Sea, the prevention of drug trafficking and its production in Latin America, the question of the proxy wars of Iran, the measures of protection and maintenance of justice for minors were among the eighteen topics discussed, debated and negotiated during these 4 remarkable days.
We would like to thank the 21 schools in Egypt that participated in our conference and that were a key reason for its success. Finally, we closed this beautiful experience at the Pyramid of Giza, a must-see place of the brilliant Egyptian civilization.
We were delighted by the presence of Mrs. Fatma Barrada, Mrs. Nermine Mourad, Mr. Ashraf Bakir and Ms. Ingy Mokadem.

The Great Oasis Kermesse

Friday 19/10/2018

It is with great pleasure that we welcomed our families, students and many of our alumni at our Grande Kermesse, held under the sign of Cirque on Friday, October 19th.
On the program, many activities around the Circus with clowns, a magician, a juggler, a fanfare but also more traditional stands with kermesse games, a bazaar, big inflatable games, many restaurants, a big raffle. ..
The highlight of the year was the 30-year Grand Parade of the School, during which 30 main characters from all the School's shows were presented. A big thank you to the former students who came to revive their character: Samuel, the Mad Hatter, Fadila, Alice and of course Rita, Mr. Wonka and all the current students who participated enthusiastically.
We must not forget the closing match, to celebrate our 30th anniversary, with the exceptional participation of Mr. Hesham Magued and Mr. Emad Metaeb, our guests of honors, both captains of their team.
Finally, we would like to acknowledge the work of the Student Council and especially Nour and Hania, who have spared no effort to make this fair a success.



55 Oasis Graduates celebrated on Friday, 7th of July 2018, their success in obtaining the International Baccalaureate Diploma during the Graduation Ceremony, held at the Oasis International School
On July 7th, nearly 165,752 IB students worldwide have received the results of the May 2018 exams session for both the Diploma Programme and the Professional Orientation Programme (POP). Among them are 55 Oasis International school students, now graduates
We are very proud of the success of all our IB students. Their hard work over the past two years has allowed them to reach a level of excellence. We are exceptionally proud of Youssef Sarofim and David Ashraf who obtained the remarkable score of 42/45 (99.7%) . they obtained a 7/7 for subjects including Physics Higher Level, Math Higher Level, Economics Standard and Higher Levels and Chemistry Standard Level .
But that's not all, they remarkable score is closely followed by Rita Abdel Messih.and Omar Nabil with 39/45 (98.7%) and Youssef Sharaf, Salma Abou Hashish, Nouran Shehab and Lobna El Haraky with 37/45 (97.4%) .
In summary: • 29% of our students have obtained scores between 44/45 (99,7%) and 35/45 (95.55%) ,
26% of our students had scores between 34/45 (94.45%) and 31/45 (90.25%) ,
38% of our students are between 30/45 (88.55%) and 26/45 (80.4%) ,
7% of our students scored between 25/45 (78.1%) and 24/45 (75.7%) .
They now join the 588 Oasis Alumni who have been admitted in the most prestigious universities both in Egypt and abroad. They are also now part of the community that exceeds 1 700 000 IB graduates in 152 countries .
The International Baccalaureate Diploma is recognized worldwide for its sternness. It is one of the best preparation for University level studies and is proven so by an independent research.
We send them all our congratulations and wish them a successful future.