Nos activités pour l'année 2016-2017

Community projects


As part of the C4 community projects, a presentation was made Tuesday, April 17. Our students presented a total of 13 different projects in several topics (Education, Violence, Childhood, Shantytowns and others ... ..).

The quality of the projects reflects the involvement of our students in their community and their willingness to change it for the best.

A big thanks for our C4 students and their supervisors.

Model of the Arab League



For the 6th consecutive year, the Oasis International School organized the Model Arab League conference from March 31 to April 1, 2018. This model, which attended by 110 students, remains the rst in the world organized on the level of schools in Arabic language. Students were divided in 5 committees over the 2 day conference:
- Summit Council: "Iranian Interventions in the Internal Affairs of the Arab States"
- Council of Arab Foreign Ministers: "Arab Alliance and the Qatari crisis"
- Arab Council of Ministers of the Interior: "Fighting drug traffcking in the Arab world"
- Council of Arab Justice Ministers: "Rights of Expatriate Workers"
- Economic and Social Council: "Sustainable Economy and Clean Energy in the Arab World"
It is signi cant that the closing ceremony took place in the building of the Arab League in El Tahrir Square in the presence of:
- Her Excellency Ambassador Nada El Egizy, Director of the Department of Sustainable Development and International Cooperation, League of Arab States.
- Dr. May El Batran, Member of Parliament.
- Dr. Ismail Selim, Director of the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration.

Pascal Duquenne


On this occasion, Mr. Pascal Duquenne met our students from elementary school, middle and high school and shared with them many activities in which he participated with great enthusiasm. The exchanges were very rich and allowed our entire school community to understand that we can be different and succeed in many areas as the exceptional path of Mr. Pascal Duquenne proves, and especially that "The beauty and strength of humanity is in its diversity ".

Mr. Pascal Duquenne also had the opportunity to visit the Egyptian International School in El Marag where the students warmly welcomed him and prepared many surprises for him.

This visit was completed by the show "The Little Prince" prepared by our students in honor of Mr. Pascal Duquenn. The final performance "The Show must go on" has shaken the audience and the students behind the scenes.

And that's not all, the music room was re-decorated in the colors of Belgium for the occasion of Mr. Pascal’s visit, photos of the main monuments of Belgium were displayed around the room which was named Pasca; Duquenn in his honor. A group of children, dressed in traditional costumes from the Brussels Carnival greeted him with the song "We are all artists". An inspirational quote from Pascal Duquenne is now posted in this class: "Everyone can be a star. You just need to do your work the best way possible".

A very big thank you to the students, teachers and administrators who participated in the success of these two beautiful days that will remain etched in our memories. We also thank all parents for their patience during the preparation of this event.

Graduation 2017


59 Oasis Graduates celebrated on Friday, 7th of July 2017, their success in obtaining the International Baccalaureate Diploma during the Graduation Ceremony, held at the Oasis International School
On July 7th, nearly 159 400 IB students worldwide have received the results of the May 2016 exams session for both the Diploma Programme and the Professional Orientation Programme (POP). Among them are 59 Oasis International school students, now graduates.
We are very proud of the success of all our IB students. Their hard work over the past two years has allowed them to reach a level of excellence. We are exceptionally proud of Ali Nour. who obtained the remarkable score of 42/45 (99.7%).
But that's not all, her remarkable score is closely followed by Laila Mardini with 41/45 (99.45%) and Amina Ibrahim with 40/45 (99.15%).
In summary:
· 33% of our students have obtained scores between 44/45 (99,9%) and 35/45 (95.55%),
· 31% of our students had scores between 34/45 (94.45%) and 31/45 (90.25%),
· 24% of our students are between 30/45 (88.55%) and 26/45 (80.4%),
· 9% of our students scored between 25/45 (78.1%) and 24/45 (75.7%).
They now join the 464 Oasis Alumni who have been admitted in the most prestigious universities both in Egypt and abroad. They are also now part of the community that exceeds 1 700 000 IB graduates in 152 countries.
The International Baccalaureate Diploma is recognized worldwide for its sternness. It is one of the best preparation for University level studies and is proven so by an independent research.
We send them all our congratulations and wish them a successful future.

Annual Meeting 2017/2018


Friday 22/12/2017 we had the pleasure of meeting our graduating students at a meeting organized at the school for them. We were very touched to see former students from different promotions. This meeting was an opportunity to hear from them and to witness to their successes both professionally and academically as well as personally. This meeting was very rich in emotions and we hope to gather more people next year.



We are proud to announce the great success of this year’s 10th annual Oasis International School Model United Nations conference OISMUN which was held from the 3rd to the 6th of November 2017. This year’s conference was attended by more than 400 students, making it the conference with the highest number of participants in OISMUN history. This year’s theme was: “Aspiring for global stability through International cooperation, empowerment and innovation”
The conference consisted of six English Committees: the Security Council, the International Court of Justice, the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council, as well as two Sub-Commissions of the Economic and Social Council; the first one was the Commission on the Status of Women and the second one, which was newly introduced this year, was the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. The delegates also had the opportunity to participate in three French committees, Le Conseil de Sécurité, Le Conseil des Droits de l’Homme and the Conférence Spéciale: Comité Historique, which offered the delegates a chance to explore historical events through a modern point of view. The conference also offered thrilling crisis simulations which allowed delegates to react and take actions with regard to real-life crises.
Political, social, economic and military instability in Syria, the question of Nuclear Non-Proliferation, police brutality and the rights of women in the workforce are just some of the 18 topics that were discussed among this year’s committees. Delegates were able to present interesting and pertinent arguments and present effective resolutions to these topics. We would like to thank the 21 schools In Egypt as well as Sarala Birla Academy in India for having participated in the conference and contributing to this year’s conference’s success.
The conference also offered participants the chance to have fun during exceptional outings along the Nile. Finally, we had the pleasure to hold the closing ceremony of the conference in the Citadel of Salah El Din: a one of a kind venue that highlighted the rich Egyptian civilization. We also had the honor to be joined during the conference and the opening and closing ceremonies by a number of VIPs notably: Dr Mingestab Hailee: United Nations World Food Programme director and country Representative, Mrs. May Batran: member of the Egyptian parliament, Ambassador Gamal Bayoumi, Ambassador Ahmed Ihab Gamal El Din, Dr. Alia Hafez: UNICEF’s Nutrition & Public Health Specialist and Mrs. Hend Galal: Assistant Minister of education for Japanese Schools.



In the frame of the extra curricular activity MUN, a group of the D2 students visited the Media City in 6th October this Sunday October 13th.
In order to promote for the annual OISMUN conference, celebrating its tenth edition this year, our three secretaries Youssef Sarrofim, Lobna EL Harraky and Salma Abu Hachich, accompanied by the three Directors of the Managing Team, Rita Abdel Messih, Malak El Ghamry and Khaled Tarek, had the chance to visit EL Nahar Channel Studios to have an interview in “Sherif STREET” with the star presenter Sherif Madkour.
During the program our students had the time to present the conference and to explain to the audience the purpose of the conference.
Our students were delighted with the experience that they would like to remake.

Dr. Jane Nelsen, the founder of Positive Discipline visited Oasis International


School We had the great honor of welcoming Dr. Jane Nelsen at Oasis International School for 3 full days dedicated entirely to Positive Discipline.
On Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October, a group of parents, teachers and administrators of the Oasis International School and the International Egyptian School in El Merag had the great privilege of receiving a certified Positive Discipline training in order to become Parents Educators, delivered jointly by Dr. Jane NELSEN and Mrs. Esmat LAMEI.
This group of 39 people will now be able to train other parents on the Positive Discipline approach and thus positively influence our entire community.
On 5th October, Dr Jane Nelsen also hosted a 4-hour workshop specially planned for couples.
It was actually an introduction to the latest training put in place by Positive Discipline.
In the afternoon during a 3-hour lecture, Dr. Jane Nelsen reviewed the important principles and tools of Positive Discipline to a group of more than 150 people, composed of parents, teachers and administrators.
Positive Discipline is in the core of our mission as educators, and that is why a complete space consisting of a large training room and an adjoining garden has been devoted to it.
This space has received the name of the founder of Positive Discipline "Dr. Jane Nelsen Positive Discipline Hall".
The Discipline Positive trainings will resume very soon and you will be informed via the account to the parents.