Ecole Oasis Internationale

The history of Oasis school group has started in 1988, it began with a project to offer excellent education. Soon enough, the first bricks were set to this structure.
In 1989 was the opening of the first nursery that started only with six children.
In 1991,thanks to the great success of the first nursery, another nursery was opened.
In 1994,60 years ago, Oasis school has become the first private French school in Egypt, which was composed of only pre-school and Elementary school, offering Egyptian curriculum on which we added our own print.

In 1999,Middle school classes were opened.

In 2000,we started of looking for that kind of program which permits our students to an international and inter-cultural comprehension. That is how we made our way through "Internationalism".

In 2002,the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) has officially authorized Oasis International school to teach in French both Elementary and Middle Year Programs.

In 2004,Oasis International School was authorized as the first school in the world to teach the three programs of the International Baccalaureate in French.

In 2005,we began to reap the fruits of our efforts, by the first graduation with merits, in the National Baccalaureate.

In 2006,to fulfill the needs of the International Baccalaureate schools, we opened a new campus for Middle Year and Diploma programs, integrating the most modern technology. In the same year, the first graduation of our student hold the International Baccalaureate diploma, with 100% success rate.

Mass communication - Business administration - Political sciences
In 2007, the second International Baccalaureate graduation took place with 100% success rate.
- First MUN (Model United Nations) conference OISMUN organized by the school with about 100 participants from our school and another school in Cairo.

- Celebration of the IB promotion 2006/2007 (5/04/2008)

- Third IB promotion which obtained with success the IB Diploma examinations.
-Third Egyptian National Baccalaureate promotion.

- First meeting with our graduated students at the JW Marriott Mirage City (24/10/2008).
- 2nd MUN conference OISMUN organized by the school with 9 schools coming from 8 different countries (Bosnia Herzegovina, Egypt, France, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Singapour, Turkey), 158 participants of 24 nationalities and 11 guests of honor (March 2009)
2nd Competition " schools Championship "
As part of the celebration of the day of the Francophonie in March 2009, the Canadian Embassy in Egypt organized the second competition of schools Championship "spedd questions, binary and multiple choices on different themes (Canada and the French language)
The competition took place on 16, 17, 20 009 March 18 at the theater of the Holy Family school.
Our students have won the first place
- Hana Afifi, student in the 1st year of diploma, was awarded with the first place Gold medal in the Junior B category (Group B: French, non official language) at the 16th “Dictée des Ameriques” competition, which is the most important international French spelling competition, started in 1994. The finale of this competition took place at the “Salon Rouge” of Quebec’s National Assembly gathering together 120 finalists from 30 different countries. (25/04/2009).
- Official opening of the Library of the international Middle and High schools by Mrs. Nelida Antuna Baragano, former Regional Director IBAEM (Africa, Europa and Middle East) at the International Baccalaureate Organization (25/05/2009).
- Official opening of the MUN conference room by Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghaly, President of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (15/06/2009)
- Forth IB promotion with excellent results to the IB Diploma especially for Salma Shash who obtained 43/45 (it means 99.80 %) and Amina Saleh with 40/45 (it means 99.15 %).
- Forth Egyptian National Baccalaureate promotion.

- Meeting of a delegation of students who successfully obtained their IB Diploma (promotion 2008/2009) with Dr. Yousri El Gamal, Minister of Education who congratulated them (9/09/2009).
- 2nd meeting organized at the JW Marriott Mirage City with our graduated students (11/09/2009)

On February 15th, 16th and 17th 2010, the School International Oasis (located in Cairo, Egypt) organized its third conference MUN, titled OISMUN. Conferences MUN are simulations of conference of the United Nations during which students represent a country and must try, by the negotiation and the international cooperation, to find solutions with the world problems.

This year, the Oasis International School accommodated more than 280 participants coming from the four corners from the world (Australia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Turkey).

3rd Competition " schools Championship "
On Thursday 18th of March 2010 and after a strong competition, the Oasis International School won for the second consecutive time the Schools Championship, in front of the College de la Salle at the second place and the College de la Mère de Dieu Ghamra at the third place. Congratulations to our young champions: Farah Gobran, Karima Ragab, Malak El Kasrawy, Mariam Gobran and Sarah Yasser, student in 4th and 5th years of the Oasis International Middle school.
The third competition of the Schools Championship, organized by the Canadian Embassy in Egypt, was held from March 16th till 18th 2010 on our campus since we had won 2009 competition. This year the Schools Championship gathered 16 French-speaking schools in Cairo.

Annual party
On Friday, June 18th, 2010, our students presented at the Great Theater of the Cairo
Opera House their annual theatrical performance, which was a real success.

H.E. Mr. Antonio Malauf Gabriel, Ambassador of Guatemala, H.E. Mr. Bernard Tanoh-Boutchoue, Ambassador of Ivory Coast and his Wife, H.E. Mr. Bruno Neve de Mevergnies, Ambassador of Belgium in Egypt, H.E. Mr. Huseyin Avni Botsali, Ambassador of Turkey in Egypt and his Wife Madam Inci Botsali, H.E. Mr. Jose Mendoza, Consul of Mexico in Egypt and his Wife, Mr. Abdel Ahad Gamal El Din, President of the Egyptian Association of United Nations, Dr Ahmed Gamal El Din Moussa, former Minister for Education and Mrs. Antuna Baragano, Senior consultant and member of the board of the school International College Spain as well as many personalities honored us by their presence during this evening.

This evening began with the speech of Mrs Esmat Lamei, General Director of Oasis School Group then by the celebration of the graduation of more than 60 Oasis graduated students. Two of our alumni having obtained the remarkable grades of 43 and 40 for the International Baccalaureate Diploma also gave a speech.

Our students from the KG school to the Diploma presented their theatrical performance that they prepared all year round. They received very positive comments. Indeed, our students showed professionalism during their dancing; singing and acting performances. Confident and comfortable on stage, they showed their best and captured the audience.

The Oasis school of Maadi would like to thanks, in the name of the students, teachers and administration members, all the parents and all the people who attended this wonderful evening.


•Fifth promotion IB with 100% success in the International Baccalaureate Diploma which is the first three are (Farida Safwat, Alia El Bishry et Hana Afifi )

within the framework of universities orientation, the Oasis international school had the visit of Canadian and Egyptian universities on Sunday 24th of October 2010
On Tuesday 2 November 2010 the Oasis international school received a group of students from the Mimar Sinan the Turkish school from Istanbul.
Oasis International School has participated with the diploma students and graduate students at the lecture given by HE Jean Felix-Paganon, Ambassador of France to Egypt . During this event, Oasis International School was congratulated by Mrs. Nahed Tadros, President of the Rotary Club Cairo - Champollion for its donation and the future participation of its students in planting a public garden in the region of Berak Al Khayam..
It was with lot of joy and excitements that our boy scouts went on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 to Wadi Natrun for their first scout camp for the school year 2010/2011.
Mrs Esmat Lamei, General Director set up an operation, titled " Lire c'est vivre et revivre" (reading is to live and live again", concerning the whole school community: students, teachers, delegates and parents alumni, administrative staff, service and security staff…d'élèves, élèves diplômés, personnel administratif, personnel de service et de sécurité… on January 24th, and always in the same objective, the Oasis international school had the honor to welcome H.E. the Ambassador of Canada, Mr Ferry de Kerckhove for a day completely dedicated to reading.
On Thursday, March 31st 2011, for the third consecutive time, the International Oasis School came in first for School Championship with 250 points, an unequalled score during the whole competition, in front of Collège des Jésuites in second position and the school of Saint Vincent de Paul Abbasseya on the third position.
From 16 to 18 April 2011, the Oasis International School participated with two teams gathering 28 middle school students in an international football tournament (under 14 years), near Verona, on the shore of Garda lake, in Italy. This competition gathered 12 teams (5 girls teams and 7 boys teams) coming from Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Egypt. We are proud to announce that our boys team won the tournament, after an exemplary route (6 victorious matches, a draw - best general score with 16 points, before IS Milan with 14 points and EIC Marbella – winner of the tournament last year - with 12 points). Opposed in the finale to the team Milan A, our team won with the indisputable score of 3 to 0. Our player Taher M. won also the prize of " Best Player " of the competition.
on the 20 of April 2011 the school has organized, the first cultural competition on the Egyptian civilization and Arabic literature under the motto "Long live Egypt." During this contest, the questions addressed the Pharaonic civilization, its origin and its major events and topics related to literature and Arab heritage. origine et ses principaux événements ainsi que des sujets relatifs à la littérature et au patrimoine arabe. Six teams participated in the contest and chose names that are linked either with civilization or with Pharanoic and Arabic literature. The victory was won by the team named after the great writer Naguib Mahfouz.
On Saturday, April 23rd 2011, Oasis International School participated in the Children's national Day at the invitation of H.E. the Ambassador of Turkey in Egypt, Mr. Huseuin Avni Botsali and his Spouse, Mrs. Inci Botsali.
Le On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, the Oasis International School organized a special event to present the personal projects of C5 students, the visual arts work of D2 students and to reward members of the educational community for all the work throughout the school year.
Le On Monday June 27th 2011, two important events gathered the whole community of Oasis International School – a farewell party organized for H.E. the Ambassador of Canada, Mr Ferry de Kerckhove as well as the graduation ceremony of our students who graduated successfully in the International Baccalaureate during the examination session in May 2010.
With Pride the Oasis international school congratulate with its 6th IB promotion with the first for are: Cherine Koura, Marwan Amr, Mahmoud El Kotby and Tarek El Ghadban.


4th meeting of Oasis Alumni, Friday 27 January 2012

Mrs. Esmat Lamei, general director, invited all the graduated students from our seven classes on Friday, January 27th 2012 to spend an afternoon with us on the MYP and Diploma international campus. This reunion started with a brief meeting to explain the recent developments in the school.

4th conference OISMUN

From Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 February 2012, the students of the Oasis international school managed the preparation and the organization of our OISMUN 2012 conference from A to Z. Indeed, the entire MUN team, led by OISMUN 2012 Secretary General Samih Talaat, who knew how to spread his energy to the whole team and to show his leadership qualities, and who was assisted by OISMUN 2012 Undersecretaries Mariam El Mokadem and Omar El Baba, pooled everyone's strengths and talents to lead this conference towards success. with participants coming from 6 schools and 5 different countries (Al-Hussan International School Khobar in Saudi Arabia, Chittagong Grammar School in Bangladesh, Collegio Del Mondo Unito Dell’Adriatico in Italy. The advantages derived by the students from this experience are beyond the field of acquired skills. Indeed, this great experience enables young people from different backgrounds to meet, share their opinions while respecting each other and, in this way, to prepare themselves for tomorrow's world.

Francophonie at Oasis

From 29th to 31st of March, Oasis International School held its first Francophonie forum, with a goal of promoting Francophonie and the French language worldwide. The event brought together 99 participants from 13 schools or associations in 7 different countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt, United States, France, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey).

2nd Football Championship

From 05th to 10th April 2012, Oasis International School participated in an international football tournament Valencia C.F Cup Easter 2012 ” (under 16 years) with two teams gathering 31 middle school students, near Valencia in Spain. We are proud to announce that our boys’ team won the second place of the tournament in front of the Brazilian team SALVADOR FC. The boys’ team route is particularly exemplary because we were the only school in front of football clubs.