Our activities for the year 2015-2016

Adventure Learning space in the KG school


It is with great enthusiasm that our Kindergarten students inaugurated our space dedicated to practice adventure learning.
Each class can thus, according to a schedule prepared by the teachers, go several times in this space for diverse practices: water games, sandpit, gardening, arts and craft, construction of shelters, free spaces,... It is with particular attention that we will report, over weeks, realized activities... Good way to new innovative practices !

Visit of the Embassy of Mexico


This Monday, December 14, some students PYP, MYP and DP, went to the Embassy of Mexico for a visit and a first exchange for a correspondence. The warm welcoming of his excellency Mr. Jorge Alvarez Fuentes, Ambassador of Mexico in Egypt, strongly contributed to the success of this visit : alternating three languages, two cultures, ... a beautiful internationalism session!


We left, after tasting Mexican food and took gift for our library from the Ambassador. A distant land adventure to follow ...

Oasis Olympics 2015


For the 3rd year in a row, our Olympics took place with real athletic spirit, as well as a good mood and pleasure of this highly colorful day: as proof the 40 teams, representing 40 countries. This day was also an opportunity to take time and reflect on children’s rights. The world celebrates this on November 20th.

Cosmology and Physics


On tuesday 17 november, students of Physics in the Diploma section have the honor to attend a proposed conference by Mr. Ahmed Aboukorah in which partici- pated two prominent scientists: Dr. Ludwig Donbro- wski and Dr. Philippe Miné, directors at CNRS and researchers at CERN in Geneva.


Dr. Miné is also a professor at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. The interventions theme was based on cosmology with a historical retrospective of astrophysics to the state of current knowledge, on the other hand particle physics centered on the adventure of the discovery of the Higgs boson. The two researchers are mandated by European organizations to promote scientific cooperation with Egypt. They did not fail to open the minds of our enthusiastic students on nature studies and career opportunities related to research in the physical sciences. A big thank you to Mrs Fatma coordinator of the Diploma, who did a great effective organization that has enabled this event to take place in excellent conditions ".



The eighth edition of our conference OISMUN (Oasis International School Model Unites Nations) took place from Saturday 7th to Wednesday 11th November. This year our conference was to encourage participants to take a stand but also action, an effective philosophy for international conflict and which may also extend to our daily lives.


The theme this year was "Let's open the way for sustainable development through freedom, equality and democracy" in English "Walk the talk: pave the way". To achieve these objectives, a long-term action plan is needed, and it is essential to incorporate the core values of the 21st century; freedom, equality and democracy in a world of increasingly global and inter- connected.


This eighth conference was a great success and for the first time we exceeded 350 participants and opened nine committees including two in French.


Of course like every year we have introduced new interesting and exciting ideas like special conference: Historical Committee which explores the events and conflicts of the past with the mentality of today. We also created an exclusive committee for our young direc- tors and journalists to give them the opportunity to improve their skills to debate while still fulfilling their respective roles. In addition, we improved the quality of the conference by adding preparatory workshops. And finally we have launched a new website dedicated to OISMUN, an indispensable tool for better international vision.


During these days our participants had the chance to meet members of the diplomatic corps of various countries who spoke before them to give them a point of view supported politically on the various themes of the conference.


The conference ended in beauty in the magnificent setting of Menestreli palace.

Solidarity and Water !


On Thursday October 29th, six students representing the PYP, MYP and DP, had the pleasure to visit a small village in EL MENIA governorate in Lower Egypt. Thanks to the generosity of the school’s community, Oasis school in partnership with the UNICEF and the Egyptian government, we were able to set 127 houses with running water, which concerns 636 individual. This action also helped to put children into schools in the village that had water problems.


The children have then visited the factory of water treatment and 3 houses that had running water installed. Hence they collected testimonies from the villagers. They are preparing now a presentation which will be given to the school’s community. We are waiting impatiently.

Award Ceremony


We were pleased to celebrate the success of our students during the evening of Award Ceremony which took place on Saturday 4th of June on the school campus. On this occasion, students were awarded for their achievements in different areas: Languages, Arts, Mathematics, Sports, Music, etc ...


Congratulations to them all !!!